Our Specialties

  • Energy Services

    Energy Services

    Energy Services

    Strategically designed to inspect challenging and unpiggable pipelines and above-ground storage tanks, Diakont’s robotic services support the asset integrity of your pipelines and tanks.

  • Nuclear Solutions

    Nuclear Solutions

    Nuclear Solutions

    Diakont’s state-of-the-art services grant plant operators more efficient, effective, and safer methods when inspecting, cleaning, and decontaminating reactor plants.

  • Motion Control

    Motion Control

    Motion Control

    Diakont develops and manufactures cutting-edge electric roller screw servo actuators for applications demanding high accuracy and force.

Featured Product

  • Yellow welding actuator

    DA 99
    Heavy-duty servo actuator for spot welding and other industrial applications

    The DA 99 series Roller Screw Servo Actuator is a time-proven solution for welding guns. The powerful 10-pole synchronous motor and in-house designs provide high performance and protection against water and welding sludge.

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