• Diakont nuclear solutions robot
    • Comprehensive condition assessment of the BWR’s coating
    • Reduce personnel dose exposure
    • Record inspection data for future condition comparisons between outages

Robotic BWR Torus Inspection

Nuclear plants that utilize Diakont’s BWR torus inspection service significantly reduce inspection costs, duration, and personnel dose exposure, all while increasing nuclear safety.

The current outdated method used to examine the torus lining (below the water level) requires divers to perform a manual visual inspection. This method is costly, time-consuming, inherently unsafe, and challenges ALARA goals.

Reactor core inside a nuclear power plant

Diakont’s inspection tooling¬†transitions seamlessly¬†between the remotely operated vehicle’s (ROV) “flying” mode and cleaning “crawler” mode. It records a digital log for tending purposes and comparisons for future refueling outages. The deliverables from each inspection include real-time disposition of findings, a comprehensive inspection report, and video recordings.

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  • View of three tall cylindrical nuclear tanks with sky in background

    Innovative Inspection

    The BWR robot generates a vortex with built-in fans to attach itself to the torus wall without disturbing sludge. Equipped with high-definition color PTZ cameras that meet VT-1 standards, these ROVs provide optimal imagery.

  • Large cylindrical storage tanks pictured with sky in background

    Ease of Deployment

    The compact tooling is deployed into the torus through the manway hatch and clamped to the catwalk by the umbilical reel. All operator-controlling stations are located outside the radiation-controlled area (RCA) for safety precautions. Equipped with emergency retrieval capabilities, the ROV eliminates any need for personnel to enter the tours.

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