• Retrieval tool with an integrated radiation-tolerant camera
    • High image quality
    • Integrated LED lighting
    • Easy deployment and operation
    • Up to 22 lbs. carrying capacity
    • Various grippers to accommodate differently shaped foreign objects

Foreign Object Removal System (FORS)

Diakont’s radiation-tolerant Foreign Object Removal System (FORS) provides the ideal solution for a nuclear plant’s Foreign Object Search and Retrieval (FOSAR) needs.

This Foreign Object Removal System complements a plant station’s FME program within reactor cavities and spent fuel pools. By providing a solution to identify and retrieve foreign materials left in reactor components, plant safety is increased while preventing catastrophic damage to the system’s integrity and plant safety.

View of three tall cylindrical nuclear tanks with sky in background

Due to its compact chassis, this system is designed to reach difficult-to-access locations such as fuel top and bottom nozzles near the core plate, refueling cavities, the BWR annulus, and more.

Innovative Design for Unique Solutions

  • nuclear plant from ground view

    FOSAR Solution

    By integrating the Diakont D40 camera with the FORS tool, optimal solutions are available for scanning, locating, and removing foreign materials when paired with various gripper heads. Two extraction options are available to support the inspection. The pole deployment method increases stability for challenging applications, whereas a cable is better equipped for less complex jobs.

  • Flexible Gripper Design

    With a modular design, the variety in grippers allows for the most efficient configuration to be selected based on an object’s shape and size when extracting it. The interchangeable gripper types include a front gripper, bucket gripper, reverse gripper, and parallel plane gripper. An electric gripping mechanism is also optional, with safety springs to prevent the gripper from unclenching in the case of power loss.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions Ø 4.2” x 22.6”
Carrying Capacity of Hook 22 lbs
Carrying Capacity of Gripper 2.2 lbs
Weight (in water) 1.1 lbs
Weight (in air) 13.2 lbs
Operating Environment Air, water
Protection Degree IP68
Cumulative Dose 2*108 Rads
Maximum Dose Rate 106 Rads/hr
Operational Temp (in water) +10°C to +65°C
Image Sensor Diakont Chalnicon 2/3”
Image Black & white
Resolution +600 H‐TVL
Sensitivity 32 lux
Signal/Noise Ratio 46 db
Zoom 2x (analog)
View Angle (air/water) 82° / 56°
Iris 2.8 – 16
Focus 2” – ∞
Housing Material Stainless steel

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