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    Our strength is within our people. Diakont’s expertise and patented technology-driven solutions are used around the world. Powered by a global team of diverse professionals, our passions coincide with discovering, designing, and innovating new cutting-edge technology. We embody integrity and strive to have a heightened positive impact on the world. If you’re ready to make a difference, you’ve come to the right place.

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“I find great pleasure from the problem-solving aspect of my job and take pride in my ability to devise effective solutions. Each day, I look forward to coming into work, not just because of the challenging nature of the tasks at hand, but also because of the wide range of tasks/projects that we take on. It’s exciting to be a part of creating something new and different each time!”

  • Nathan Corigliano
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Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

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    The diversity of our people is what makes Diakont exceptional. We encourage connecting through differences and being mutually adaptive to cultivate an empowering environment. Actions are taken to ensure our processes provide equal opportunities for every individual. Our goal is to create an inclusive workplace so that every team member feels valued, engaged, and inspired to think outside the box.

    Our team’s unique perspectives allow us to strategize solutions to deliver breakthrough performance for our customers, business, and team members. In order to attract the people you desire, you must embody the values you seek. We believe that diversity unlocks innovation and therefore inspires growth.

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Field Services

Our field services team takes a hands-on approach with our customers. Dedicated to operational delivery, these individuals deliver services within the Energy Services and Nuclear Solutions divisions. Each field technician is an operational expert in the robotic tooling they deploy. While being well-equipped in various attributes is crucial, critical thinking skills are necessary to succeed in this field. Supported by our advanced technologies, each individual performs their work from a safe distance, ensuring everyone involved and the environment stays protected.

Quality & HSE

The Quality and HSE team is dedicated to continuously improving our activities while exceeding standards for our best-in-class products and services. From identifying process improvements to implementing safety protocols, this team implements methods and procedures to meet compliance and regulations.

These dedicated individuals have our customers’ best interests in mind and make a significant impact on our ability to provide unparalleled products and services.


Diakont’s engineering team is the central creative engine within the organization. Their purpose aligns with developing solutions for customers’ technical challenges and continuously advancing our product line. With an innovative mindset, they keep us at the forefront of the various industries we support. This diverse team of engineers focuses on continuous growth to develop their technical knowledge, hands-on experience, and industry expertise. In turn, allowing them to design, build, and test cutting-edge systems that make our world a safer place.

Manufacturing & Production

Our manufacturing and production team is a team of highly skilled individuals who work collaboratively to maintain a smooth production line, guaranteeing our products meet the highest quality standards. While monitoring the processes, these individuals emphasize quality, safety, and reliability. Their hands-on support allows us to deliver economical solutions to our customers worldwide.

Corporate Business

Diakont’s corporate business team consists of various individuals who work in all different aspects of the business. From business administration, human resources, accounting, and marketing, these teams make critical decisions to keep the company on track and meet its business goals. Marketing works closely with finance, distinguishing which strategies should be implemented each quarter, while human resources work directly with business administration sifting through job applications and employee relations. All intertwined with a common goal in mind.

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