• 1 MegaRads/hr and 200 MegaRad radiation tolerance total 
    • Solid State Design
    • 600+ TVL video resolution, easily meets VT-1 and EVT-1
    • Compact 1.58″ diameter form factor
    • Wide range of view heads for various applications
    • Designed for maintainability – “plug and play” factory tune replacement tube

D40 Inspection Camera

“We attached the D40 to poles and were maybe 5 to 10 feet from fuel. We used it for serial identification, and we had a drop light on in the core with the D40’s ring light. It was very easy to read the numbers. The D40 is an excellent camera for this application.” – US Nuclear Plant Reactor Engineering Supervisor.

Considered by many to be the golden standard of radiation-resistant cameras, Diakont’s D40 System offers the perfect mix of high resolution, small size, and high radiation tolerance—all characteristics required for precise performance in extreme environments.

Due to its compact diameter of just 1.58″, this camera is perfect for inspecting confined areas like reactor component interiors. Its modular design and range of attachments make it the ideal “utility camera.” With the ability to reconfigure, it supports all types of plant operations and maintenance. This flexibility offers users the highest level of economy and the best value for their investment.

Camera Head Sleeve with Rope Attachment
Rotation Unit R40S
Radial Head with Near Field Lights H40-06S
Radial Head with Far & Near Field Lights H40-05S
Frontal Head with Extra LED Lights - for 6mm Lens H40-03S
Frontal Head (No Lights) H40-00S
5x Zoom Lens Head H40-ZS
17mm Lens L40-17S
Diagram of D40 System Configurations

The D40 camera offers an integrated system solution with a camera, processing system, and user interface. Due to its innovative technology and proven reliability, the system has won deserved popularity from nuclear power plant builders, contractors, and operators worldwide. Thousands of systems have been deployed in the United States, Japan, France, Finland, and other countries.

Compact Split-Head Design

  • View of three tall cylindrical nuclear tanks with sky in background

    Unlike bulkier shielded cameras, the D40’s optimized split-head design makes it exceptionally condensed and naturally radiation resistant. Minimal electronics are inside the camera, as most components are housed in the topside Camera Control Unit (CCU).

  • Two large cylindrical storage tanks pictured with with sunrise

    Like all of Diakont’s products, the D40 is designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards. All stages of the production cycle go through factory acceptance testing and are verified through Diakont’s ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. Radiation testing is also required on all components and completed camera systems to ensure the highest quality camera is produced.

Seamless Application

State-Of-The-Art Capabilities

In addition to its wide range of standard functions, the D40 incorporates several superior capabilities unmatched in competitor solutions, including:

  • Smooth 2x analog zoom
  • Auto Exposure function for automatic image quality enhancement
  • Stabilized radial viewing
  • Ease of maintenance

Extreme Versatility

Its small size, and intuitive design make it easy to use in water and air environments, as it is perfect for accessing tight spaces. The operator can perform axial, lateral, and circular scanning utilizing a range of lenses and attachments. During inspections, the camera is “puppeteered” into position, allowing it to access hard-to-reach locations thanks to its cable; it can also be maneuvered with the pan/tilt or a robotic manipulator. Common applications include:

  • IVVI of BWR reactor internals
  • PWR MRP Reactor Vessel inspections
  • Control rod blade inspection while within the loaded reactor core
  • Inspection of irradiated fuel cladding
  • Below-core plate FOSAR operations
  • Spent fuel cask loading operations
  • Decontamination and decommissioning activity surveillance
  • Hot cell surveillance


Pan & Tilt

Diakont’s D40 Camera easily integrates with an off-the-shelf pan and tilt attachment, and auxiliary lighting. Designed for high radiation environments, this system is available with an optional Integrated Console. 

  • Unrivaled clarity: High-rad, precision imaging to perform critical inspections including core verification and gap analysis
  • Proven technology: Based on Diakont’s D40 rad-tolerant camera systems
  • Dimmable lighting: Integrated high-intensity lights laterally positioned to provide even lighting and maximize image quality
  • Simplified operation: easy, pole-mounted deployment
  • Versatile functionality: Pan, tilt, and zoom functions

Replacement Tube

With its unparalleled, seamless maintenance, the D40 replacement tubes and tuning boards are paired at the factory and pre-tuned prior to shipment. This feature supports “plug and play” tube replacement, eliminating labor-intensive field tuning requirements and ultimately saving hours of camera tuning per tube change.

nuclear power plant

Ultra-Rad Tube

For applications with extremely high gamma fields, the D40 is available with an ultra-rad tube with a 3*10<sup>6</sup> Rads/hr dose rate. These applications include control blade inspections, irradiated fuel assembly inspections, in-air reactor vessel/internals inspections, and more.


The D40 has an optional hand-held remote-control console to plug into the CCU for remote operation. Through a connection of network interfaces, it is operated outside the contaminated area. This accessory is ideal for operators that mount the CCU and want to avoid standing next to the rack to control the camera functions.

Measurement Module

An On-Screen Display (OSD) measurement module is also available for the D40, providing distance to target measurements. The OSD module provides a scaled screen grid, allowing operators to measure the size of objects. It also enables operators to annotate screen-captured images providing a permanent record for future evaluation and analysis.


Diakont’s D40 console system incorporates the best-in-class D40 rad-hardened camera, rack-mounted camera control unit, monitor, digital video recorder (DVR), microphone, and microphone hand-held remote controller. All in one rugged enclosure.

It also provides a tiltable monitor to view live footage easily. Video and audio are recorded through the console’s DVR and microphone, then backed up to USB or DVD storage devices. Combining the D40 camera with the equipment required for visual inspections makes the D40 console a turnkey solution, ready to use “out of the box.”

Technical Specifications

Parameters L40-6S Lens L40-17S Lens Zoom Lens
Head H40-00S | H40-02S | H40-03S H40-00S | H40-01S | H40-05S | H40-06S H40-ZS
Analog Zoom1 2x | 2x | 2x 2x | 2x | 2x | 2x 10x (5x2)
Sensitivity 32 lux 16 lux 24 lux
View Angle (Air) 82° 34° 5° -43°
View Angle (Water) 59° 26° 4° -32°
Iris Range 2.8-16 1.4-16 2.2-16
Focusing Distance (Air) 50mm+ | 50mm+ | 50mm+ 50mm+ | 50mm+ | 12mm+ | 12mm+ 50mm+
Operating Distance (Air2) 45mm ∞ | 45mm ∞ | 45mm ∞ 45mm ∞ | 45mm ∞ | 10mm ∞ | 10mm ∞ -
Operating Distance (Water2) 60mm ∞ | 60mm ∞ | 60mm ∞ 60mm | ∞ 60mm ∞ | 13mm ∞ | 13mm ∞ -
Operating Distance of Lights (Air3) N/A | 50 – 500mm | 150 – 3000mm N/A | 35 – 3000mm | 35 – 1000mm | 35 – 500mm -
Operating Distance of Lights (Water3) N/A | 10 – 350mm | 150 – 1000mm N/A | 35 – 1000mm | 35 – 400mm | 35 – 200mm -
Cable Length Standard length - 30m, option - up to 100m Standard length - 30m, option - up to 100m Standard length - 30m, option - up to 100m
Diameter with Head 40.5mm | 40.5mm | 65mm 40.5mm | 40.5mm | 40.5mm | 40.5mm 74.5mm
Length with Head4 246mm | 245mm | 250mm 246mm | 246mm | 297mm (487mm) | 343mm (533mm) 371mm
Camera Weight with Installed Head 1kg | 1kg | 1.2kg 1kg | 1kg | 1.3kg | 1.5k 2.7kg
Max. Temp. (Air) 55° 55° 50°
Max. Temp. (Water) 65° 65° 50°

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