• Low-cost
    • 420 H-TVL video resolution
    • Color video camera for monitoring reactor maintenance 
    • Exceptional image quality in low light with integrated LEDs
    • Compact form factor: 1.13” diameter x 5” length

MicroCam Utility Camera

The MicroCam offers the perfect mix of color imaging capabilities, small size, lighting, radiation tolerance, and economy.

Due to its compact diameter of 1.13” (29mm), this camera is perfectly suited for monitoring reactor activities in confined areas with dry and/or submerged environments and low dose rates. Being an economically friendly choice, the MicroCam is listed at a lower cost than other small-diameter cameras on the market.

This camera is specifically engineered to meet the needs of reactor services and outage teams. Every detail and fidelity remains strong throughout the range of distances, radiation levels, and environmental and lighting conditions. Being environmentally sealed, the MircoCam also has an ultra-wide vibration spec, allowing operation up to 200 feet underwater while staying highly resistant to impact. Additionally, it incorporates a state-of-the-art APS sensor with impressive picture quality, low-light capabilities, and tolerance to radiation.

The Economical Choice

  • Two large cylindrical storage tanks pictured with with sunrise

    A “Plug and Play” Solution

    With zero tuning or setup required, this camera is designed for effortless operation. Technicians using the MicroCam don’t have to worry about camera adjustments; the iris and focus operate independently. This utility tool simply needs to be plugged in, and it’s ready to go.

  • Large cylindrical storage tanks pictured with sky in background

    MicroCam Applications

    • Robotic tooling, situational awareness, and operational support
    • Manipulators, end effectors, and remote tooling
    • Foreign material search and retrieval
    • Reactor bottom-head and lower annulus viewing
    • Maintenance and repair support
    • Outage and fuel movement remote surveillance
    • Reactor disassembly/reassembly support
    • Remote monitoring of outage plant parameters such as steam generator nozzle dam panel indications
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    High Quality and Reliability

    Like all of Diakont’s products, the MicroCam is designed and manufactured to stringent quality standards. All stages of the production cycle go through factory acceptance testing and are verified through Diakont’s ISO 9001-certified Quality Management System. Radiation testing is also required on all components and completed camera systems to ensure the highest quality camera is produced.

Technical Specifications

Camera Sensor APS
Resolution 420 H-TVL
Minimum Object Distance 2” [50 mm]
Sensitivity 0.025 lux
Field of View (diagonal, in air) 65°
Field of View (diagonal, in water) 42°
Environment Water, air
Maximum Operating Temperature 140°F [60°C]
Lights Integral, LED
Housing 316 Stainless Steel
Length 4.28”
Diameter 1.13”
Protection 200’ submersible
Environmental IP68
Cumulative Dose 50,000 Rads
Maximum Dose Rate 10,000 Rads/hr

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