• Full Color HD image (1080i, 720p) 
    • Ultra-reliable integrated pan & tilt device 
    • 10x optical zoom 
    • Radiation tolerance (integral dose) 105 Rad, waterproof design

Proton 1.0 Camera

The Diakont Proton camera system is the optimum solution for refueling support camera systems.

With its powerful 10:1 zoom and a state-of-the-art CMOS HD sensor, it’s also some of the best video you’ve ever seen underwater. The Proton is fabricated from durable, easily decontaminated stainless steel, and the straightforward refurbishment process makes for a minimal cost of ownership. Simply deploy and instantly have high-resolution video to support your operation.

Designed for Versatility & Ease of use

  • Two large cylindrical storage tanks pictured with with sunrise

    A Compact Solution

    Diakont’s Proton camera system is a compact unit with remote pan/tilt, zoom, and LED lighting that makes it an extremely useful tool for use in the refueling cavity, reactor vessel, and spent fuel pool. The load-carrying cable allows the operator to deploy the camera without a requirement for poles or robotics, making it ideal for use in a variety of inspection and monitoring applications.

  • Large cylindrical storage tanks pictured with sky in background

    Proton HD Camera Applications

    • Monitor reactor assembly/disassembly
    • Monitor tool deployment and operation
    • Fuel serial number verification (high-speed“core mapping”)
    • Inspection of reactor internals and steam dryer OD
    • Monitor cask-loading activities
  • Proton Console System

    Diakont’s Proton console system incorporates the best-in-class Proton rad tolerant HD camera along with a rack-mounted camera control unit, a monitor, a digital video recorder (DVR), and a microphone, all integrated into a rugged enclosure. By combining the Proton camera with all of the equipment required to successfully complete visual inspections, the Proton console offers a turnkey solution that is ready to use “out of the box.”

Technical Specifications

Image Sensor CMOS
Resolution Full HD (1080i)/HD (720p)
Image HD color
Frame rate (FPS) 25/30
Sensitivity 1 Lux
Signal/noise ratio 50 dB
Optical/digital zoom ratio 10x/12x
Horizontal angle of view (air/water) From 5.4 to 50°/from 4 to 37°
Operating distance range From 5 mm
Pan range 350° (±175°)
Tilt range 280° (±140°)
Pan/tilt speed 3.5°/s-10°/s (depending on operating mode)
Lights LED/4х10W
Lights operating distance 10 m
Laser Yes (optional)
Zoom control Remote
Focus and iris control Automatic/manual, remote
Lights control Remote, selecting the lights
Housing material Stainless steel
Operating Temperature range (air/water) From 0 to 40°С/from 0 to 45°С
Operational dose rate 104 Rad/h
Integral dose 105 Rad
Protection degree IP68 (40 m)
Dimensions Ø101×290 mm
Weight 5.5 kg

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