• CCTV system solutions for a complete range of radiation, temperature, and humid environments
    • Seamlessly integrated into existing camera networks
    • Modular solutions are scalable: cameras can easily be added in the future as requirements change
    • 100 MegaRad radiation tolerance
    • Non-browning zoom optics

Radiation-Tolerant CCTV System

Diakont’s radiation-hard CCTV solutions provide uninterrupted surveillance even during accidental conditions—a solution designed for when you arguably need it most. 

Nuclear remote monitoring applications are never straightforward – an off-the-shelf network switching system does not provide the level of performance required for a reactor’s extreme environment.

Diakont offers a large array of customizable choices to meet your specific operational needs, giving you the best value for your investment.

The Economical Solution for Remote Monitoring

  • Pressure gauge connected to large pipe

    Monitoring Applications

    • PWR containment, throughout the operating cycle
    • BWR reactor building, drywell, and wetwell, throughout the operating cycle
    • Resin recycling systems
    • Reprocessing and hot cell activities
    • Cask loading activities
  • Nuclear Plant

    Multi-sensory Monitoring Solutions Simplified

    Complete network systems include cameras with pan/tilts and lights, operator stations, remote operator stations, and a master control station with archived recording. A user-friendly interface allows access throughout the system within established workgroups (such as Fuel Handling, HP, ect.).

  • By facilitating multi-sensory monitoring of real-time reactor conditions, cameras can be fitted with:

    • Guidance
    • Lighting
    • Remote radiation level measurement
    • Audio (in-air only)
    • Remote temperature measurement sensors

Trusted Preparation

Proven Reliability

Diakont designs its network video systems around a radiation-hardened tube camera that’s been used throughout the nuclear industry for decades. Compared to bulky shielded CCTV cameras, which can weigh upwards of 75 lbs., Diakont’s CCTV cameras are valued for their compact size and natural resilience to radiation. With the ability to remain operational 24/7, even during accident scenarios, this CCTV system is a reliable option for providing operators with critical visual data.

Avoid Unplanned Trips

Over time, our remote monitoring solutions inevitably pay for themselves. By providing oversight of major components, predicting equipment failures, and even remotely disproving fire alarms, there is potential for huge cost savings. With just a few hours of reduced production or stoppage during an unplanned event, millions of dollars in revenue and a facility’s rating and reputation decrease. That’s why over 500 Diakont CCTV systems have been deployed globally with a trusted reputation for providing you with solutions.

Diakont Radiation-Hardening CCTV Vs. Shielded CCTV

  Diakont Rad Hard CCTV Solution Shielded CCTV Systems
Dose Rate 300,000 Rads/hr 600 Rads/hr
Total Integrated Dose 100 million Rads 6,000 – 30,000 Rads
Weight 20 lb 60 lb
Maintenance Interval Every 5-6 years 2 years or less
Items Replaced at Maintenance Interval Tube Entire camera module
Environment Water & air Air only
Sensor Technology Radiation tolerant tube CCD (limited life in gamma field)
Temperature 210° F 150° F
Materials Stainless steel Plastic, copper, aluminum
Accident Condition Survivability Constant surveillance Unavailable

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